The "Stable Proposition"

But checklists will slow us down....

As organizations become exposed to mature quality concepts outlined in the Stable Framework™, a natural resistance often materializes from the uninitiated.

“All that stuff will slow us down.”

While this claim may be applicable to any particular step along a value stream, the proposition Stable makes is that the time invested upfront prohibits unwanted mistakes made along the way, saving the team from unscheduled problems and ensuing time wasted downstream dealing with the Hidden Factory.

This is the “Stable Proposition.” Applied properly, the percent of Hidden Factory efforts in Stable processes should be reduced down to single digit numbers, or eliminated completely. 

Do the math.  What percentage of your teams efforts are devoted to Hidden Factory activities?  Compare that to the small percentage of overhead required to maintain a quality system.

Are you willing the make the trade?  Try it for three months and let us know how it went.

Framework Overview

The Stable Framework™ Overview

An overview of how the Stable Framework™ components work together creating value within your organization.

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