Six Forms of Process Improvement

Introducing The Stable Framework™

The Stable Framework™ is an innovative combination of Agile, and Lean best practices organized to help teams achieve Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is delivering exactly what the customer wants, and doing so with minimal byproduct. In other words, performing accurately, transparently, and without significant waste or error. 

Implementing Stable enables your organization to continuously improve any set of repeatable processes in the following ways:

1. Systematization: The establishment of identified value propositions, value streams, service-levels, and process control information for each that will grow in time.

2. Measures: Anything repeatable can be improved, but it must be measured to understand how much it was improved.

3. Flow: The lack of resistance value experiences as it moves from the triggering mechanism to the fulfillment mechanism in your value streams. Are you able to deliver as fast as your customers purchase?

4. Lean: The absence of byproduct as your value stream advances towards fulfillment. No excess time, expense, or material Sounds amazing, doesn't it. 

5. Resilience: The ability to recover from unexpected outages or failures. How fast can your group diagnose unexpected problems and bring those servers back online?

6. Durability: The absence of mistakes or system outages. Mistake-proofing processes can be as simple as checklists, or as complex as automated & redundant platforms.

Combined, these six concepts will save tremendous costs and move your organization along at several orders of magnitude faster than ever before.

Framework Overview

The Stable Framework™ Overview

An overview of how the Stable Framework™ components work together creating value within your organization.

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