Operational Excellence

Excellence = Effectiveness + Efficiency
Operational Excellence = Excellence + Visibility + Conscientiousness


Excellence, in theory, is a combination of effectiveness and efficiency.

Effectiveness is delivering exactly what is most valuable to the customer, exactly when they expected, and for a cost they were willing to pay..

The Agile Mindset enables organizations to achieve effectiveness by prioritizing customer value in continuous short increments, establishing short customer feedback loops, and planning work at multiple levels to enable quick pivoting when necessary.

Efficiency is delivering value with minimal byproduct of waste, time, or cost. 

The Stable Mindset enables organizations to stay effective, while becoming more efficient over time by identifying critical value streams, systematizing their repeatable steps, and performing Sustained Continuous Improvement..

Both campaigns require relentless focus, and both mindsets enable organizations to achieve excellence.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is achieved when an organization knows they are able to effectively deliver customer value efficiently.  While executing within the Agile and Stable Mindsets, a quality program such as the Stable Framework™ provides visibility and conscientiousness which are the tactical components required to achieve Operational Excellence.

Visibility is obtained by identifying and continually reporting performance metrics linked to each value proposition. After all, you can't improve what you don't measure.

Conscientiousness, or knowing and doing the right things at each repeatable step along the value stream, is the final key to minimizing waste or the Hidden Factory, as your organization delivers value.

This level of systematized execution enables teams to stay focused on customer value while applying techniques that ensure minimal operational drag through continuous sustained improvement..

Most important, it frees up senior executives.  Now they don't have to spend their time chasing around for status reports.  Instead, they are free to focus their time growing the business.

Framework Overview

The Stable Framework™ Overview

An overview of how the Stable Framework™ components work together creating value within your organization.

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