Certified Stable Process Owner™

Within any operational environment, value coordination requires a clear knowledge of customer needs, supply chain channels, a catalog of standard operating procedures, careful timing, and defensible accountability. Together, these disciplines enable the operations group to achive precise quality and rubust service levels, providing customers with desired, stable and dependable services. Using Kaizen, Kanban, and continuous improvement, your process owers will take your products and services safely into the future.

A Certified Stable Process Owner™ can achieve this level of Operational Excellence. Attend a CSPRO Certification course to learn:

• How to understand a business as a system of functions delivering value to paying customers.

     - How to visualize, quantify, and map incoming materials and information from suppliers in a supply chain.

     - How to scope the capabilities needed by the organization to add customer and business value to those materials and information.

     - How to categorize both customer and business value.

     - How to systematize a recurring process into a Kata using process models, procedures, checkpoints, and checklists.

     - How to continuously improve a process using Lean, Flow, Kaizen, mistake-proofing, short feedback cycles, and process metrics. 

     - How to identify the Hidden Factory of rework, scrap, delays, and other wastes identified in Lean Thinking.

     - How to identify and remove bottlenecks using the Theory of Constraints model, to achieve Flow.

     - How to identify root causes using the 5 Why's technique, Ishikawa diagrams, focus-groups, Affinity diagrams, and more.

     - How to deal with recurring and new issues using a checklist, asset recovery models, and Corrective and Preventative Action.

     - How to mistake-proof a problematic step using Poka-Yoke, color-codes, pictures, and elimination.


• How to think like a customer while evaluating customer value.


    - Is this the right product or service for me?

    - Is it the right price?
    - Is this the right time?
    - Is this the right seller?

• How to think like a business owner while evaluating business value.

    - How can I add new revenue?

    - How can I protect existing revenue?

    - How can I lower the cost of doing business without impacting my customer value?

    - How can I stay complaint in a changing world?

• How to connect effectively with customers to create referral sites.

    - All categories of customers, including consumers, coworkers, sponsors, future colleagues, and auditors.

    - How to create emotional connections with customers so that they will bring repeat business and referrals.

    - How to be sure current service levels represent current customer expectations.

    - How to use personas, surveys, active listening, and other tools to understand customers ever-changing needs.

How to improve process value propositions while simultaneously lowering the hassle, time, and cost to create them.

    - How to compose a Value Stream Map, and identify cycle times, costs, and common sources of waste.

    - How to use Kaizen Teams and Kaizen Projects to improve targeted processes.

• How to concurrently report on the progress of my work, and the overall status of my areas?

    - How to use Service Level Agreement Monitor (S.L.A.M. Charts) to show process performance against service level agreements.

    - How to use customer satisfaction surveys, and conversations to metric customer satisfaction levels and Net Promoter Scores.

    - How to visibly show any roadblocks stopping my critical task progress.

• How to work better in a team to maximize our ability to deliver value correctly, the first time.

    - How to use a Kanban board to showcase current work progress.

    - How to coordinated value delivery daily with my colleagues, and executive sponsors.

    - How to equip a process for cross-training as needed.

• How to set goals, measure them, and demonstrate improvement over time.

    - How to use a performance console to report process metrics.

    - How to report using Operational Excellence philosophies.

Get Certified

A Certified Stable Process Owner™ is a 2 day training program
enabling your team to become capable of working within a Stable Framework™ environment successfully.

A Certified  Stable Trainer will contact you.